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These are the results of the senior poll that was taken in 1976.  The names of the winners and runners-up appear in that order on the tally sheet below:

Most popular guy: 

Joe Scheidler / Brian Salmon

Most popular girl: 

Erin Ponton / Suzy Smith

Most studious guy: 

Dave Rasner / Joe Scheidler

Most studious girl:

Tori Kay / Deirdre Kern

Handsomest Guy:

Brian Salmon / Joe Scheidler

Prettiest Girl:

Erin Ponton / Suzy Smith

Guy most likely to succeed:

Dave Rasner / Joe Scheidler

Girl most likely to succeed:

Tori Kay / Deirdre Kern

Guy most likely to travel:

Terry Pippenger / Tom Bailey

Girl most likely to travel:

Tori Kay / Julie Bache

Guy class clown:

Jack Pearcy & George Wellen (tie) / Bill Clossin

Girl class clown:

Rhonda Allen / Anna York

Best guy athlete:

Bill Dickenson / Scott Thompson

Best girl athlete:

Sandy Routh

Nicest guy:

Don Ford / Steve Goodwin

Nicest girl:

Suzy Smith / Erin Ponton

Most honest guy:

Steve Mechem / Don Ford

Most honest girl:

Suzy Smith / Kathy Lunsford

Best dressed guy:

Joe Ramos / Tim Robbins

Best dressed girl:

Tori Kay / Erin Ponton

Most radical senior:

Scott Onnenga / Scott Thompson

Ideal senior couple:

Don Ford & Debbie Birge / Tim Robbins & Debbie Lanum

Most conservative:

Deirdre Kern / Don Ford

Best dancer:

Debbie Ridenour / Ricci Reyes

Best actor:

Tom Bailey / Brian Wells

Best actress:

Julie Bache / Pam Moore

Best guy singer:

Brian Wells

Best girl singer:

Lori Stanton / Julie Bache